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Posted 4 years ago


Position open to: Ventura, CA office
Reports to: Director of Technology

GiddyUp is an Exclusive Performance Marketing Agency that represents the most innovative products and services in the world. We believe the agency model of the past needs to be retired. Our team is on a mission to change the way businesses drive online sales and leads. We drive millions of online consumers to websites, and we only get paid-for-results. If you want to work in an exciting industry and become a leader in online marketing, GiddyUp is the place for you.

Job Purpose

eCommerce is undergoing a rapid and monumental evolution right now. As a leader in this transition, GiddyUp is fundamentally reimaging the entire eCommerce pipeline and workflow, and building a platform for the 21st century.

At GiddyUp, we believe that the opportunity for an eCommerce revolution is unprecedented, and we are in an ideal position to ride that wave. It is also clear that the user experience, reliability and scalability of our new platform will make or break our company.

We are looking for a full stack engineer with exceptional node.js coding skills and a flair for designing elegant APIs, who also has the fortitude to meet this challenge. It makes your day to design rock-solid, reliable, high availability systems, and you don’t mind innovating along the way.

You’d be a great fit for our team if:

  • You are a full stack developer with deep experience in node.js, strong CS fundamentals and battle-tested real world experience.
  • You have a track record of significant, specific, and self-directed contributions to large and challenging projects. What we’re getting at here is “grit” or “street cred” – some proof that this isn’t your first rodeo, and you have learned some lessons the hard way.
  • You love moving fast in a high-paced environment, while at the same time sweat the fine details and enjoy having direct responsibility for keeping what you build running at scale.
  • You want to both work with and advance the state of the art. We are building a Web-based eCommerce runtime and a WordPress-based design workflow for authors and designers. You will participate in both of these areas, and should be fluent with each.
  • You lead with humility and confidence. Our engineers are expected to have a high degree of leadership and expertise in their daily work, strongly hold defensible ideas, and advocate for what they believe is right. At the same time, they need to eagerly hear differing opinions and sometimes be proven wrong, constantly evaluate tradeoffs and alternate routes to success, and walk through fire to help out other members of the team.


  • Design, code and debug the node.js back end for Giddyup’s eCommerce platform, in tight collaboration with front end developers and product management
  • Work closely with the authoring team to deploy, scale and harden a WordPress/Visual Composer based authoring environment
  • Develop testing and deployment practices with DevOps for highly stable continuous releases
  • Participate in ongoing new feature planning and execution


  • 4+ years of development experience with node.js and client-side JavaScript.
  • Proven track record building well-engineered, highly optimized systems
  • You know how to build large-scale single-page applications using REST APIs
  • A thorough understanding of the Internet, including technologies, standards and best practices in interaction and design
  • Experience with WordPress
  • Experience with unit testing and automated testing tools.

Working Conditions

This position is based in our Ventura, California office. Ventura is Southern California’s hidden gem – an unspoiled beach community that has easy access to all that the LA metro area has to offer.

We are dedicated to our team and believe in investing in their success. We realize the value in attracting and retaining quality teammates who will deliver exceptional service to our customers and bring a high level of excellence to our group.

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