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Posted 4 years ago


The Client Success Manager will work with our clients to help to ensure the highest level of success in marketing their products. The primary role will be to manage all client activities and act as a liaison between GiddyUp and the clients to maximize growth and minimize risk. The Client Success Manager has an important role driving success for GiddyUp and their clients.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1) Working with new Clients to establish marketing campaign
  • Responsible for setting up all Basecamp projects/tasks for on-boarding new Clients to ensure timely and full completion of all necessary activities required for a successful campaign launch
  • Monitor on-boarding progress and keep communication open with Clients and internal teams
  • Ensure appropriate solutions are developed for any issues that arise during the set-up of the initial campaign
  2) Effective communications with Client through campaign lifecycle
  • Negotiate Commission/Sales Cap/Creative Budget/Loss Pool required by GiddyUp internal teams for on-going campaign success. This requires a balance between GiddyUp and Client’s needs to ensure both parties are receiving value.
  • Monitor campaign performance and provide periodic updates to Clients. Ensure that all Clients’ campaign performance questions are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Update campaign sales targets/commissions as needed with new Insertion Orders
  • Communicate sales cap limits and commissions changes to Directors of Campaign Operations and Publishing
  • Follow-up with Clients on late payments if non-responsive to finance team
  • Communicate the pausing or stopping of campaigns due to underperformance
3) Liaison between Client and GiddyUp
  • Communicate with internal team regarding current campaign performance
  • Work with internal teams to identify improvements to increase overall campaign performance and profitability
  • Communicate with client if performance can’t be improved with current campaign
  • Work with clients to communicate any campaign changes and optimization strategies
  • Obtain client approval for creative updates and campaign improvements
  • Communicate with client if performance can’t be improved with current campaign
  • Communicate with client about pausing/stopping campaign


  The Client Success Manager must have highly developed selling and customer-relations skills. They also must have the ability to navigate complex situations and personalities, be adaptable and a commitment to the highest standard of integrity. Key Qualifications:
  • Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Business or related field and 2 years sales/account representative experience OR 3-5 years sales/account representative experience
  • Demonstrated experience working in a fast-paced, multifaceted organization
  • Team player
  • Self-starter and highly self-motivated
  • Strong desire to succeed and grow and aptitude to learn
  • Readily engages others and enjoys building and developing relationships
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Comfortable in uncomfortable situations
  • Excellent communication (verbal and written) and on-line presentation skills
  • Remains calm in stressful situations
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Ability to thrive in dynamic and non-routine working environment

Working Conditions

  This position will be work from our Ventura California office. GiddyUp strives to provide a flexible, fun working environment. We are dedicated to our team and believe in investing in their success. We realize the value in attracting and retaining quality teammates who will deliver exceptional service to our clients and bring a high level of excellence to our group.

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