GiddyUp is an Exclusive Performance Marketing Agency that scales customer acquisition for the world’s most innovative and disruptive brands.

We believe the agency models of the past need to be retired and that businesses should only pay for RESULTS.

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We Only Get Paid For Results

Unlike other agencies, we don’t require a retainer, bill for campaign strategy, or charge a premium for creative assets. We only make money when you do. Period.

Because we only make money when we drive revenue for your business, we’re incentivized to develop ongoing strategies that improve campaign performance and drive bottom-line results.

Our Success Is Fully Aligned With Yours

Your Strategic

From optimization to analytics, media buying to creative development and more, GiddyUp executes successful online strategies across your entire business.

While most agencies only buy media on impressions or clicks—which lacks incentive and accountability—we buy the same media and more, exclusively on performance.

We Have Strong Partnerships With Top Media Firms

Your Brand Is Our Priority

In our industry, properly building brand equity is the only way to achieve a successful partnership together. Your brand is carefully preserved and strategically leveraged for long-term gains.

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The GiddyUp Advantage

The Marketing Strategy With the Lowest Risk and Highest Return.

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We Invest Our Own Media Budget
To Advertise Your Business.

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We Drive Massive Brand Awareness And Organic Traffic. You Only Pay For Results!

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Discover Top Online Channels Before Investing Your Own Marketing Dollars.


Track The Success Of Your Campaign With Real-Time Analytics.

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The GiddyUp Process


We develop your product or service into a successful performance marketing offer.



We launch the offer across high-performing online channels (social, search, email, display, mobile, etc.) and test the top marketing strategies.



We scale successful offers to hundreds, even thousands, of sales each day and continuously optimize for maximum performance.


We Take You
From Where You Are
To Where You Want To Be


What Type Of Results Are You Looking For?

High-Volume Sales

Scaling online sales profitably is a challenge every business needs to solve in today’s ever-changing marketplace. Fortunately, that’s what we do best.

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High-Quality Leads

Generating consistent, high-quality leads at scale and doing it at a fixed cost is every business owner’s dream. At GiddyUp, we turn that dream into a reality.


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